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Getting Ready for a New Year

November 26, 2016


We have a new President-Elect, A new year with lots of promise.  Soon students will be graduating.  Are they equipped with a skill to get a job?  Sadly, the answer is no too many times.   Let's start by advocating for vocations.  This means bringing back music,shop,sewing,home economics in the fundamental years of our youths education.  Let's teach them to sew, build, and plumb,  and nuture it from a young age.  Martha Stewart,This Old House cast,Create TV hosts and more have all made very profitable livings out of the trades.   I am planning new workshops to teach  sewing,dressmaking,designing and construction techniques;  Put America back to work, teach them to make things again and make the materials in which we need to do so.  We will teach America to Make Great Things Again!  Are you on board?

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September 23, 2016

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